Power Rangers Playback
What is Power Rangers Playback

Nakia Burrise (Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers Zeo & Turbo) and Catherine Sutherland (Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zeo, & Turbo) relive the nostalgia of Power Rangers as they watch, comment, and laugh through their time on Power Rangers and beyond in Power Rangers Playback! Power Rangers Playback is not just for the avid Power Ranger fan. Anyone who loves laughter and positivity will enjoy watching the dynamic of these two best friends. We have great content. 

  •    Playback Reaction videos (Catherine and Nakia rewatch their episodes and other series     with special guests)

  •    Game Show, "Who Knows it Best" Power Ranger trivia with Power Rangers special         guests battling each other and fans. 

  • "Power Cookoff" Nakia and Cat battle each other in food challenges for bragging rights.

  • Live Stream with Special guests

And so much more!! Join us Every Wednesday for a new and entertaining episode!


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Rangerstop & Pop Con
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Catherine Sutherland and Nakia Burrise talk about their lives, motherhood, life on screen and off, pop culture, and marriage. It's breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your sisters as they speak from their hearts with unapologetic truth, love, laughter, and inspiration!

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